Nationality and Identification


Officers serving on Gibraltar registered vessels may be of any nationality or residency provided they hold a CoC issued by one of the countries recognised by the GMA.


The GMA does not issue its own Certificates of Competency. However, in order to serve on a Gibraltar registered vessels, officers must hold one of the following:


a) A United Kingdom (UK) CoC [Certificate of Competency]

b) A UK CEC [Certificate of Equivalent Competency]




c) A Gibraltar Recognition Endorsement issued in accordance with Regulation 1/10 of the STCW Convention.


We will only issue Recognition Endorsements to officers who hold Appropriate Certificates issued by one of our recognised Administrations.


We offer a simple application process and provide quick turnaround service on seafarer documentation.  Our endorsements are issued electronically and are fully compliant with the applicable requirements as set out in the FAL Convention for the use of electronic certificates.



Ratings serving on board our vessels


Ratings serving on board a Gibraltar-registered vessel do not need a Gibraltar Recognition Endorsement, provided that his/her Appropriate Certificate has been issued by a STCW ‘White List’ Administration. The GMA reserves the right to request copies of any certificates and / or restrict the use of any certificate on board its vessels



Online Verification of Endorsements


Verification of the authenticity and validity of Gibraltar endorsements electronic may be undertaken via the following means:


a) Via scanning of the embedded QR Code with an electronic device having internet capability, or;

b) Via the use of the certificate’s Unique Tracking Number (UTN) upon accessing the dedicated verification portal;

Both of the above means will provide the user with confirmation of the certificate’s authenticity and validity upon submission of site requested data variables.


Discharge Books

 A seafarer serving on a Gibraltar registered vessel, may apply for a Gibraltar Discharge Book if s/he has not been issued with such a document by his/her own national Administration or when the issuing Administration does not allow recording of service performed on non-national ships.



Ship’s Cook Certificates


The GMA also issues Ship’s Cook Certificates. For further information please contact our seafarers section - / Tel: +350 200 46861

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